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Two men convicted of murder during marijuana robbery

Two men have been convicted of first-degree murder in the 2015 death of 39-year-old Peter Standley during a robbery at a Sacramento apartment complex.

Aaron Newby, 19, and Desmond Eaddy, 22, were convicted this week by separate juries. Both men also were convicted of robbery and the use of a handgun, according to a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office news release.

On April 26, 2015, Newby and Eaddy went to the Lampasas Apartments in Sacramento’s Noralto neighborhood to steal marijuana from Standley. Surveillance video from the complex showed Newby, Eaddy and Standley going into Standley’s apartment. Minutes later, Eaddy was seen leaving with two bags of marijuana and a gun. Newby was a few feet behind Eaddy, followed by Standley, who was chasing them, authorities said.

Standley had been shot in the chest and died minutes later as Newby and Eaddy ran to a waiting car.

Eaddy dropped the marijuana during the escape, and surveillance video showed him returning a minute later to retrieve the marijuana. Witnesses testified that Newby stood near the car pointing a gun at a crowd, prosecutors said.

Newby and Eaddy are to be sentenced Oct. 7 by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Donald Currier.

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