Sacramento State engineering dean replaced

Emir José Macari has been replaced as dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Sacramento State, one of the university’s most prestigious programs.

College faculty and staff received a memo Friday announcing that Macari, who went on administrative leave in December, would no longer be dean but return as professor of civil engineering.

Dr. Ramzi Mahmood, also a civil engineering professor, will serve as the interim dean of the engineering school, according to the memo by interim Provost Charles Gossett. Laureen O’Hanlon, currently administrator-in-charge of the college, will serve as the interim associate dean for the remainder of the semester.

University officials said Monday they had no comment on the leadership change at the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. University officials have not provided details about the nature of Macari’s leave or the reasons behind it.

Macari, 56, of Carmichael, had been dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences since 2006. The program serves 2,900 students and has 100 faculty members, according to the university’s website.

Editor’s note: This post was updated Feb. 4 to state that university officials had no comment on Macari’s departure. A previous version said officials had to confer with counsel before commenting.