Back to school: From kindergarten to college, get ready to be educated

For a significant portion of the state’s population, it’s time to return to school, or nearly that time. And like preceding years, this one presents traditional and new challenges.

Costs are rising, technology is advancing, styles are evolving and attitudes are developing and – believe it – there’s ever more to learn.

To help students and the caring people who help guide them, here is a collection of links and videos – along with a quiz – that lead to useful back-to-school information, whether for the young one heading into the mysteries of kindergarten or the scholar going back to college. Class is in session.

Back-to-school stories:

Rising back-to-school lists, costs give families a lesson in economics

How to create a back-to-school command center

Ask Mr. Dad: Be smart in back-to-school shopping

Get these back-to-school gifts for the kids

Getting started: College textbook shopping tips

Kids and money: Thrifty is nifty for kindergarten parents

White students no longer the majority in school


Computer use and kids’ eye care

Packing, shipping stuff to school

What the kids need

Tips for students’ parents

Video Links:

Fashions for girls

Class supplies