Smoke in Sacramento blamed on California, Oregon wildfires

Various fires burning in Northern California and Oregon created smoky conditions in the Sacramento region Thursday.

Smoke from the fires is being transported to the Sacramento Valley and is expected to affect the area throughout the weekend, according to the Sacramento Air Quality Management District.

As an upper-level ridge of high pressure builds over the Sacramento region, sunny skies and hot temperatures will increase ozone formation, and calm-to- light northwesterly winds will limit dispersion of the pollutants, according to the district’s website.

Those winds also will transport smoke from wildfires in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon into the Sacramento region, increasing particle concentrations and ozone production.

Air quality in areas including Elk Grove, Woodland and Auburn are classified as unhealthy for people with lung diseases such as asthma. People are advised to limit outdoor activities if they see or smell smoke.

Cathy Locke: 916-321-5287, @lockecathy