Healthy Choices

Today’s smokers feel shame, embarrassment

It’s now been 50 years since the U.S. Surgeon General released the 1964 landmark report detailing the health hazards of smoking tobacco.

Since then, the number of smokers in America has dropped substantially. Smoking simply is not as socially acceptable as it once was.

Some of the remaining smokers recently indicated they aren’t too happy with their habits. A newly released questionnaire of 546 smokers (posed by V2 Cigs, a manufacturer of e-cigarettes) revealed the following responses:

38 percent of cigarette smokers have lied about their smoking.

54 percent have covered up their smoking because they find it to be embarrassing.

58 percent have been dishonest about their smoking to family and to loved ones.

14 percent have fibbed because they didn’t want to admit that they’ve been unsuccessful in their attempts to quit.

51 percent cited the lingering odor on clothes, breath and in the house as the biggest disadvantage of smoking.