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Try a little meditation to relieve a lot of stress

Need to clear your head or relieve stress?

Grab a straight-backed chair, sit and read this following meditation.

(Better still, have someone read it to you while you visualize it with your eyes closed.)

It’s just one of several meditations from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program designed to return you to mindfulness, or being aware of living in the moment. We’ve got more. See the link below.

“We use the image of a mountain to help us remember what the sitting meditation is all about. The image is uplifting, suggesting as it does that we sit like mountains, feeling rooted, massive and unmoving in our posture. Our arms are the sloping sides of the mountain, our head the lofty peak, the whole body majestic and magnificent. We are sitting in stillness, just being what we are – just as a mountain ‘sits there,’ unmoved by the changing of day into night and the changes of the weather and of the seasons.

“The mountain is always grounded, rooted in the earth, always still, always beautiful. It is beautiful just being what it is, seen or unseen, snow-covered or green, rained on or wrapped in clouds. This image sometimes helps us to remember our own strength and intentionality. We might look upon some of the changes we are observing in our own minds and bodies as internal ‘weather.’ The mountain reminds us that we can remain stable and balanced in our sitting in the face of the storms of our own minds and bodies. We can anchor ourselves in our sitting practice and deepen our calmness and equanimity by using the image of the mountain.”

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