This Week in Sacramento History: Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Oct. 30, 1984: A study by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments evaluates 14 proposed extensions to the regional light-rail system. High on the list is a route that would carry passengers from Citrus Heights, Folsom and south Sacramento to a sports complex in north Natomas. Less likely is one that would transport people from downtown Sacramento to the airport.

Quote: "I have had it up to here on all this nonsense about being too old at 70ish to be head of state. A blanket indictment on “too-old” age levels is utterly absurd. All human beings should be judged solely as individuals." -- C. Duane Cooper, likely referring to President Ronald Reagan who is running for re-election this year

Oct. 31, 1945: The California Toll Bridge Authority allocates $40,000 to help pay for a financial and engineering survey for construction of a second Bay Bridge span between Oakland and San Francisco. Traffic levels are fast approaching the bridge's maximum carrying capacity. Officials estimate it will take five years to complete the survey and build the new bridge.

Quote: "Here is a truly magnificent way for the people of America to pay tribute to the memory of the man who led us through the most extreme crisis of our history." -- Harold J. McCurry, chairman of the Sacramento County War Finance Committee, urging citizens to purchase the Series E Victory Bond honoring the late President Franklin Roosevelt.

Nov. 1, 1997: Telephone area code 530 begins operation today. Because of population growth, 530 was carved out of the 916 area code that stretched across much of Northern California. Now 916 occupies little more than Sacramento County and the remaining 24 counties, or pieces of counties, will be served by 530. The creation of the new area code affects about 2 million of the 5 million phone numbers in the former 916 region.

Quote: "From my personal experience, I know that women of this country would be thrilled seeing a woman running for national office. It would immediately dispel the notion that the ability to lead springs from the male chromosome." -- Geraldine Ferraro, former Democratic vice-presidential candidate, speaking at the Perspectives 97 conference in Sacramento

Nov. 2, 1923: The Sacramento City Council accepts a $29,205 bid from James T. Gormley to build a new firehouse on the southwest corner of Second and L streets. Gormley's bid is the lowest of seven that were submitted to the city. The proposed firehouse is one of those authorized by last May's bond issue election, in which voters approved the expansion of the fire protection system.

Quote: "The trouble with Europe today is what was done to Europe by (British Prime Minister Lloyd) George and (French Prime Minister Georges) Clemenceau, the Versailles Treaty. It was a treaty of greed, grab and gain, rather than of peace." -- U.S. Sen. Hiram W. Johnson, speaking in Oakland

Nov. 3, 1978: The results of the California Junior State poll of 45,000 high school students featured 11 questions and revealed a surprisingly mixed view of specific politicians and issues. California young people favor liberal candidates, like Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen. Ted Kennedy, but also stronger death penalty laws. About 59 percent of the students oppose mandatory busing to achieve desegregation. And 47 percent oppose a ban on smoking in public places.

Quote: "The turmoil in Iran has disturbing implications for the United States and other industrial democracies. Because of Iran's oil supplies to the West and because of its strategic position as a buffer between the Soviet Union and the Persian Gulf, it would be a distinct setback if the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi were overthrown and replaced by a fundamentalist Islamic government." -- Bee editorial

Nov. 4, 1936: In yesterday's presidential election, California voters joined in the national landslide, giving President Franklin Roosevelt 1.3 million votes and Gov. Alf Landon 634,000 with most precincts reporting in. Sacramento County favored Roosevelt over Landon, 46,082 to 11,770 votes. Californians voted down Proposition 14, which would have allowed consolidated city-county governments.

Quote: "The people can turn their minds to other things now in the perfect confidence that national leadership remains in the hands of a man who will do his utmost to promote security and good will at home and peace with all the world." -- Bee editorial, celebrating Roosevelt's re-election

Nov. 5, 1957: Republican Goodwin J. Knight announces he will run for U.S. Senate rather than seek re-election as governor. The move will avoid a primary fight with U.S. Sen. William F. Knowland, who has challenged Knight. President Dwight Eisenhower is thought to have pressured Knight to change his political plans.

Quote: "We know, scientifically, how to get to the moon right now, but it's a question of the amount of money involved in such a project at this time." -- Dan A. Kimball, Aerojet president, when asked if space travel to the moon could happen in the foreseeable future