This Week in Sacramento History: Dec. 25-31

Dec. 25, 1908: For the past week, the Truckee River has been filled with ice. This has crippled power plants owned by the Truckee River General Electric Co. and the Reno Power, Light and Water Co. Little power has been furnished to the city of Reno, and all of Carson City has been without electric light all week.

Quote: "The Salvation Army in its great work brings happiness each year to the hearts of many who at Christmas time would have been forgotten were it not for your efforts. ... In this great work alone you are doing much good for humanity and you have justly earned the commendation of all." -- Gov. J.N. Gillett, in a letter to the local Salvation Army

Dec. 26, 1955: Floodwater inundates Yuba City over the holiday weekend. Thousands of refugees return, only to face a new evacuation order because more flooding is expected on the Feather River. Two thousand people prepare to evacuate Isleton as high river flows from last week's storm run into dangerously high tides and brisk winds in the Delta. The Sacramento River is expected to rise at least a foot above flood stage at Rio Vista.

Quote: "This is horrible. It is worse than I imagined." -- Gov. Goodwin J. Knight, inspecting the Northern California flood damage from a National Guard airplane

Dec. 27, 1926: Although taxes levied in 1926 by California municipalities increased $31.2 million over 1924, the state Board of Equalization reports the local tax burden actually declined 2.2 percent.

Quote: "I know that Sacramento does not value a tree, or in fact a whole street of trees, for I have seen them butchered by linemen of some company or other. It is too bad Californians are so slow to recognize the value of a tree." -- Richard P. Doolan, in a letter to the editor

Dec. 28, 1974: Dr. Leroy B. Brown, an incumbent member of the Natomas School Board, cannot run for re-election because he refuses to sign a loyalty oath required by state law. Brown says his new church -- Church of God Seventh Day -- prohibits the swearing of oaths. He took the oath in 1971 while still a member of the Methodist Church.

Quote: "It is not too much to say [Jack] Benny left an indelible imprint on all of us on the order of a (Charlie) Chaplin. We will see for years to come that broad, placid face with the wan smile, the inimitable walk, the fond rapport with every audience." -- Bee editorial, on the recent death of comedian Jack Benny

Dec. 29, 1949: At least eight people, including five firefighters, are injured in a $200,000 blaze, which sweeps the Hotel Green and Kramer Carton and Printing Co. at 421 J St. The Fire Department sends nine engine companies and three truck companies to battle the fire. Police are investigating if this is the work of the same arsonist who started seven fires in the downtown area last year.

Quote: "The commonest words can have the most bizarre meanings in the Communist vocabulary. For instance, believe it or not, every one of the Soviet satellites calls itself a people's Democracy when the role of either the people or Democracy is even more tenuous than the relationship of a man and his 20th cousin once removed." -- Bee editorial

Dec. 30, 1968: Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh said he will introduce conflict-of-interest and financial disclosure legislation for all major state and local officials. The proposal would bar acquisition of more than a tenth of a percent of stock in companies directly affected by their public duties, and require annual disclosure of their financial holdings.

Quote: "That the Apollo 8 went without a hitch through all the complicated engineering roadmap of space is a triumph of the Aerojet team which should rank with the Wright Brothers and Kittyhawk." -- Bee editorial praising the Sacramento company that supplied the spacecraft engine that took men into orbit around the moon for the first time

Dec. 31, 1935: Sacramentans honor the memory of former mayor and businessman William Land on the 24th anniversary of his death. City officials and scores of citizens attend the dedication of the William Land Memorial at the Freeport Boulevard entrance to the park that bears his name.

Quote: "The fact is that when we begin to intervene in the domestic affairs of other nations, we go not only contrary to wise and far-sighted counsel George Washington gave his country, but we plunge into a sea of troubles." -- Bee editorial, counseling against U.S. government protest of persecution of Catholics in Mexico