This Week in Sacramento History Jan. 8-14

Jan. 8, 1977: Sacramento Police and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies prepare for this afternoon’s third annual "Pig Bowl". Both coaches Dave Hotell of the Police and Gary Quattrin of the Deputies acknowledge the considerable betting going on between members of both departments. This year’s game is expected to draw 26,000 to Hughes Stadium.

Quote: “Governments have a nasty habit of spending vast amounts of money. The money must come from somewhere. Usually it comes from the hard labor of the taxpayer.” -- Millie Cole, in a letter to the editor asserting that politicians should blame themselves, not ordinary people, for runaway inflation

Jan. 9, 1890: A cold wave grips the Sierra. The coldest temperature recorded in the state this year occurred in Boca: minus 35 degrees. In Truckee the thermometer dropped to minus 25, two degrees warmer than the lowest record at this point in the season.

Quote: “In a dispatch form Oroville it is stated that a gentleman made a ‘short but eloquent’ address. It might have been considered a feat if he had made a long but eloquent talk. Brevity is not alone the soul of wit; it is as well the heart of true oratory.” -- Bee editorial

Jan. 10, 1911: Directors of the State Agricultural Society decide to ask the Legislature for a large appropriation for various improvements at the State Fair Grounds. Included in the list of particulars is a 10,000-seat grandstand, a coliseum judging rink for livestock, a fireproof women’s building, and permanent sheep and swine barns.

Quote: “This country is civilized quite beyond the barbaric age and is the most enlightened and progressive land in the world. The worst forms of gambling have been stopped, trusts are being regulated and child labor and other reforms are being accomplished. If she can do these things, she should awaken to the necessity for stopping the constant flow of innocent blood now caused by the misuse of firearms.” -- Bee editorial calling for enforcement of gun laws

Jan. 11, 1990: Sources say Congressman Robert Matsui, D-Sacramento, has decided to run for the U.S. Senate, even if it means challenging Sen. Alan Cranston. Cranston’s popularity has sagged due to his connection to Charles Keating and the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. Reps. Barbara Boxer and Mel Levine are also considering a 1992 Senate bid.

Quote: “We can’t spend what we don’t have. We must live within our means.” -- Gov. George Deukmejian, proposing a $53.7 billion budget plan for fiscal 1990-91

Jan. 12, 1967: City Councilman Dain Domich, a long-time supporter of Sacramento expansion, says he’s shocked by a proposal to create a new City of San Juan north of Sacramento. Such a move, says Domich, would “completely distort” a seven-year-old plan to annex unincorporated parts of the county, consolidate some government services and assure orderly growth of the metropolitan area.

Quote: “If California, the richest state in the nation, ever has to foreclose on the opportunity of its young – then it will have hit a sadly low state in its affairs.” -- Bee editorial opposing Gov. Ronald Reagan’s plan to increase tuition at the state’s public colleges

Jan. 13, 1923: California Assemblyman Charles Foster intends to introduce legislation establishing a two-cent per gallon tax on gasoline. He estimates the levy would generate $7 million annually for building and maintaining state highways. Under the proposal gas purchased for farm tractors and pumping engines would be exempt from taxation.

Quote: “Prohibition officials at Washington say over 100 persons in this country were killed by ‘holiday hooch’ last month, and that thousands of other victims of poisonous liquor were treated in homes and hospitals. But, if that be true, what is responsible for these deaths and prostrations, if not the eighteenth amendment and the Volstead Act?” -- Bee editorial

Jan. 14, 1945: The Sacramento County Supervisors authorize Sheriff Donald Cox to hire three more deputies to staff a second patrol car at night. Cox says he’ll transfer experienced men from guard duty to the patrol work and use the new appointees inside the country jail.

Quote: Being the mother of a large family, now grown, I know form my own experience and the experience of my friends that people always wait longer than they should before consulting a doctor because of the cost. It often takes the savings of a lifetime to pay for all illness; or, in the cases of families with growing children, puts them in debt for months and deprives them of other necessities.” --E.G.T. in a letter to the editor endorsing Gov. Earl Warren’s health insurance legislation