This Week in Sacramento History May 14-20

May 14, 1972: The Sacramento high temperature yesterday hit 100 degrees, a record at the official downtown Post Office recording site; the previous record of 93 was set in 1937. At Executive Airport, the mercury rose to 101, breaking the prior record of 93 set in 1937. Indeed, Phoenix, Ariz., was cooler at 98 degrees.

Quote: "What is needed is ... a single, comprehensive national health insurance plan which makes health care an automatic right of every citizen, not a privilege he is lucky enough to buy." -- Bee editorial criticizing the [Richard] Nixon administration's plan to reform the existing health care system instead of rebuilding it from the ground up

May 15, 1905: Charles M. Beckwith, a member of the McKinley Park Commission, says he's furious over a proposal to build a saloon near the park, just outside the city boundary. The community has gone to great effort and expense to improve the park. "It would be nothing less than an outrage," he says.

Quote: "If Sacramento is to be the Paris of the Pacific Coast, systematic planting of ornamental trees ... is needful. Without trees in the thoroughfares no city can be beautiful, unless Venice be an exception. Take away the trees from Sacramento and she would be robbed of her chief attraction." -- Bee editorial

May 16, 1944: Crowds jammed downtown Sacramento last night to watch 250 WACs march in a parade to celebrate the second anniversary of the Women's Army Corps. The parade also featured civilian members of the American Red Cross Sacramento Chapter, as well as marching bands representing McClellan Field, Camp Kohler, Grant Union High School and American Legion Post 61.

Quote: "I have been reading the letters from those writing in regard to their sons and husbands not receiving their letters. I, too, am very disturbed by this. ... What is the matter with our government? Why doesn't it help us stand by our loved ones?" -- Eleanor Parrish, a Bee reader

May 17, 1915: In the recent municipal election, Dr. G.C. Simmons out polls incumbent Charles A. Bliss 2-1 for a seat on the Sacramento Board of Commissioners. Gus S. Turner beats R.C. Irvine to serve out the unexpired term of F.R. Shaw, who died recently. Officials say only 50.2 percent of voters turned out.

Quote: "I do not believe there is any danger of this country becoming involved in the European conflict. I sincerely hope we will continue to maintain friendly relations ... with all the nations of the world." -- U.S. Rep. Charles F. Curry of Sacramento, endorsing President Wilson's protest against German submarine attacks on U.S. ships

May 18, 1959: Supporters of Arden-Arcade annexation to Sacramento say they have cleared the first big hurdle in their drive to join the city. They report that petition circulators have gathered more than the 8,000 signatures needed to put the matter on the ballot. The next step is for the city clerk to validate the signatures.

Quote: "You parents get mad sometimes -- mad at us and mad at each other. You yell at the umpire and some of you managers argue with him. It's embarrassing for us kids because we're out there playing as best we can and having a lot of fun." -- 12-year-old boy, in a letter wishing adults would take Little League baseball less seriously

May 19, 1984: A spectacular blaze at 1201 C St. destroys two furniture businesses and inflicts heavy smoke damage on a commercial sturgeon company. Seventy firefighters use 17 pieces of equipment to fight the fire, the first five-alarmer Battalion Chief Don Hartwick has seen in 23 years with the department.

Quote: "Finally, we have an administration that is not afraid to initiate programs that upset our Communist enemies ... ." -- Vern Chapman, in a letter praising President Reagan's tough stance on the Russians, which led to the announced Soviet boycott of the upcoming Olympics

May 20, 1892: Dozens of delegates of the National Editorial Association visit Sacramento and Stockton on their way to the eighth annual convention in San Francisco on May 24. Local civic leaders fete the Eastern visitors with tours of gardens, government buildings and museums, as well as parties and gala dinners.

Quote: "The people won a great victory for progress and improvement when they carried the New Charter by such a majority on the 17th of this month. The citizens decided in favor of a better system of municipal government, and the will of the taxpayers should be ratified by the Legislature." -- Bee editorial, calling on citizens to lobby the state Assembly to approve the Sacramento city charter