This Week in Sacramento History June 18-24

June 18, 1897: A special committee of the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce submits its report on hydraulic mining that determines that mine debris is filling the river bottoms, raising water levels, threatening adjacent farms and making preservation of the rivers as navigable streams more difficult.

Quote: "If the United States wants to set an example for all time, let her reseat the Island Queen [Lili'uokalani] upon the throne from which she was ruthlessly torn." -- Bee editorial, condemning the deposing of the Hawaiian monarchy, as well as a proposed treaty that annexes the islands to the United States

June 19, 1950: The state Public Works Department calls for bids for the substructure and approaches for the new Elvas Bridge across the American River, part of a new connecting highway between 29th and 30th streets in Sacramento and the North Sacramento Freeway near Swanston Drive.

Quote: "I personally don't like to see blanket accusations made against groups ... or individuals. No good can come out of such charges unless there is the intention to prove such statements ... in accordance with our laws and democratic processes." -- California Gov. Earl Warren, criticizing the tactics used by Sen. Joseph McCarthy

June 20, 1887: The chief engineer of the Sacramento Water Works reports to the Board of City Trustees on the impact of hot weather on water use. He says water consumption is about double what it was three months ago. Last week, more than 36 million gallons of water were raised from the river.

Quote: "When unmerit flaunts itself brazenly before the footlights and taxes an audience a premium for the privilege of witnessing incompetency -- instead of being willing and glad to accept a heavy discount therefore -- we are always happy to see the managers touched in that most delicate of all their senses, the pocket." -- Bee review of plays at the Metropolitan Theater with the beautiful, but talentless actress Lillie Langtry

June 21, 1893: The U.S. Engineer takes bids for the repair of the Sacramento River levee at Jacobs' Break, 16 miles north of the city. The contract will be awarded to Roberts, Tibbitts & Co., which bid $9,862. The levee break is about 2,600 feet long and will require piling, brush, rock and earth.

Quote: "The grandest monument to the memory of the departed will not be in marble or stone, but in the hearts of the common people." -- Bee editorial on the death of U.S. Sen. and former Gov. Leland Stanford

June 22, 1936: The Southern Pacific Co. says it will order the construction of 2,950 freight cars and 20 baggage cars at a cost of $8 million in line with its expansion plans. Of that amount, Sacramento shops will be paid about $900,000 to supply 200 flat cars, 100 gondola cars and 150 stock cars.

Quote: "The presidential candidacy of Governor [Alf] Landon of Kansas is unique in American history in at least one respect. Never before has a man been (nominated) by a major party for this high office about whom the people ... know virtually nothing. Between now and Nov. 3 Landon may succeed in making himself known ... But the point is that the Republican Party picked him 'sight unseen.' " -- Bee editorial

June 23, 1982: The price of "full-service" premium gasoline tops the $1.50 a gallon mark in Northern California, according to the California State Automobile Association. The increase coincides with a national rise in the inflation rate, reversing a seven-month downward trend in the Consumer Price Index.

Quote: "When public spending decisions are framed as a choice between keeping tax dollars in one's own pocket or putting them into someone else's, perhaps it is not surprising that selfishness prevails." -- Bee editorial, protesting deep cuts in state spending proposed by legislators to balance next year's budget

June 24, 1946: The Sacramento region will experience a severe meat shortage, if government production controls aren't lifted, which isn't likely. At least three local packing plants closed today having exhausted their June kill quota. This means most markets won't have fresh meat to sell until after July 1.

Quote: "There never was a day when the world needed men of strength and character as it needs them today. We need moral discipline which alone will develop men capable of meeting the responsibility of parenthood." -- Mrs. Charles Taecker, in a Father's Day letter to the editor calling on young men to rededicate themselves to the principles that make a Christian home