This Week in Sacramento History July 9-15

July 9, 1947: James F. Bursch, Sacramento school superintendent, says he favors converting the current State Fairgrounds on Stockton Boulevard into the permanent campus of the new four-year state college. Bursch suggests that vacant buildings could be adapted for college use.

Quote: "You Sacramento folks do not realize how lucky you are to have such a healthy atmosphere to dwell in. Sure, it gets hot up there in the summer, but your air is clean." -- R.A. Lambert, a letter writer from Los Angeles complaining about the smog problem in that city and comparing its air quality to Sacramento's

July 10, 1970: California Gov. Ronald Reagan orders welfare cuts reducing supplementary grants to meet the special needs of 55,000 aged, blind and disabled people. The move would reduce state spending by $10 million and also result in the loss of $15 million in federal and county funds.

Quote: "Part and parcel of being a woman is to be a mother and be a homemaker. It's part of being a man to be a breadwinner and provider for your family. If you mix the two together ... you have unhappy people." -- Nancy Reagan, expressing little sympathy with women who want to compete with men on equal terms in the workplace

July 11, 1951: California Gov. Earl Warren signs an executive order establishing a new five-member state commission on organized crime to evaluate ways to fight narcotics, prostitution and black market rackets. The panel will weigh the use of tax laws as a means to deprive criminals of illegally obtained funds. The Assembly has appropriated $100,000 for the group's work, which must be completed by June 30, 1952.

Quote: "Let us have peace in Korea even if it means only a brief respite from Soviet aggression. But let us utilize that respite just as the Red minions intend to use it to build up and get better prepared for the showdown between Democracy and Communism." -- Hughe C. Williams, in a letter to the editor

July 12, 1967: In its report, the staff of the Public Utilities Commission urges regulators to allow the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to build a nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon in San Luis Obispo County. The estimated cost is $188 million. The report says most of the power produced will go to Fresno and Bakersfield.

Quote: "Of course I'm glad it's over. I've been pumping twice as much gas, working twice as hard but making the same." -- A Southgate-area service station owner, thankful for the end of a local gasoline price war that dropped prices to as little as 25.9 cents a gallon

July 13, 1882: The new San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Narrow Gauge Railroad is under construction and making good progress. The first rail was laid four months ago and 25 miles of track have been completed. The terminus is now at Lockeford and it's estimated the line will grow by 10 miles this year and reach the Big Trees by next season.

Quote: "Good citizens do not require to be braced up by iron-clad laws in order to keep from falling from grace, nor do true sportsmen require any law to prevent them from shooting female deer and young fawns. But there may be others who may be educated up to doing what is right and proper." -- Bee editorial, calling on all hunters to practice wise game conservation

July 14, 1960: The Sacramento Zoological Society kicks off a month-long campaign to raise $100,000 to help remodel and enlarge the zoo at William Land Park. The city recently appropriated $200,000 for the project, but the Society says it will need $315,000 to complete the improvements.

Quote: "It is inconceivable that any true American sensitive to the issues of equality and equal opportunity would object to these guarantees, for they ... were born out of the American dream." -- Bee editorial, lauding the civil rights platform adopted at the national Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles

July 15, 1981: Helicopters drop malathion on the Santa Clara Valley for a second day. Agriculture officials say the 120-square-mile spraying area will have to expand because newly hatched Mediterranean fruit fly maggots have been found in Milpitas. The pesticide use is a desperate attempt to eliminate the insect before it destroys California's $4.1 billion produce industry.

Quote: "Welfare is but a drop in the bucket when you start adding up what else comes out of taxes ... . I can't, in good conscience, begrudge the 'poor' the pittance they receive, while so many other groups receive huge 'welfare' payments called by another name." -- Lois Ann Gill, in a letter to the editor