This Week in Sacramento History Sept. 10-16

Sept. 10, 1953: A federal judge grants the Army Corps of Engineers' request to take over 1,302 acres of land in Placer and El Dorado counties for the Folsom Dam project, pending a court decision on the price. Property owners had rejected $128,430. The ruling allows engineers to take possession while the lawsuit proceeds.

Quote: "The creed of the conservative and the reactionary is to live by the sweat of the other fellow's brow and to abound in luxury while he who does the work founders in poverty. ... There is but one cure for Communism, and that is good living conditions for all people." -- Walker H. Lewis, in a letter to the editor

Sept. 11, 1992: Republican Gov. Pete Wilson will call a special fall session of the Legislature to address the state workers' compensation system, which he maintains is crippling California's business climate. The Democratically-controlled Assembly sent the governor a package of workers' comp measures, but sources say Wilson will veto them because they fall short in dealing with the escalating costs.

Quote: "I don't have any hesitation about this. I think it's the right thing to do." -- Sacramento Mayor Anne Rudin, announcing she will introduce an ordinance to allow domestic partners to register with the city for help obtaining benefits from employers

Sept. 12, 1939: Sacramento school officials report on fall enrollment figures. Official opening day attendance was 17,424 students, 338 more than last year. Kindergarten registration increased 8 percent and enrollment at Sacramento Junior College jumped from 1,923 to 2,288. Total registration at Sacramento and McClatchy high schools grew from 4,150 to 4,256.

Quote: "The seductive throb of war drums is sounding around the world ... Let us watch Europe approach savagery and ruin with the detachment of an audience watching a play. And let us thank God we are not on the same stage." -- Bee editorial, urging readers to resist European propaganda

Sept. 13, 1972: The Sacramento County Board of Education directs school administrators to develop an affirmative action program in response to a report by the Sacramento Area Economic Opportunity Council charging that all 16 county districts don't have enough minorities in professional jobs.

Quote: "The part which I don't understand is how come the city is allowing the building to be torn down. It's the only theater in town that has any design and it is an historical monument." -- Robert A. George, a member of the Save the Alhambra Theater Association

Sept. 14, 1946: One person is killed and three others injured when the marquee of the Hippodrome Theater on K Street collapses onto the sidewalk. Mrs. R.S. Potter of Alta dies under the wreckage. Saturday afternoon shoppers say they heard a loud crack, then a boom. City fire and building officials won't comment until an investigation is concluded.

Quote: "The Roosevelt New Deal of putting the forgotten man on his feet after the Hoover Administration's debauch served the purpose it was intended for in the first year of the Roosevelt era. From then on it has been a rattle-brained experiment by thousands of government bureaus headed by amateurs ... ." -- Williard R. Ottman, in a letter to the editor

Sept. 15, 1924: Dr. W.H. Kellogg, head of the state Bureau of Communicable Diseases, praises the Sacramento filtration plant for its efficiency in supplying the city with safe drinking water. But he warns residents not to take water from wells within the city unless those wells are extremely deep and bored.

Quote: "Nobody need apologize for wanting this country to be prepared. The ones to apologize are those who would, despite the lessons of the past, cause innumerable more lives to be taken needlessly should war ever come upon us again. Thousands of men died in the past war from nothing but unpreparedness." -- Bee editorial

Sept. 16, 1912: Saturday, former President Theodore Roosevelt addresses a large crowd at the Sacramento Southern Pacific Depot. He is touring the country by train as a candidate for re-election on the Progressive Party ticket and has made stops in San Francisco and Santa Barbara and is expected in Los Angeles this afternoon.

Quote: "The right type of citizen has to have the right type of law; the kind of law that will give him a fair show in life, that will restrain the big (wealthy) man from doing injustice to the man less fortunately off than he himself is, (a) law that will ... give each man a fair start in life, unhelped by privilege himself, unhampered by privilege in others." -- Theodore Roosevelt