The Homeless

Here's where Sacramento homeless shelters could open. This map shows vacant city parcels

Sacramento officials plan to open three massive tent-like structures to house homeless people on vacant city-owned land, but the actual sites have not yet been chosen.

The city owns 96 vacant parcels according to a list compiled in March, but it has not vetted them all to make sure they are suitable for construction. Because many of the properties are adjoining, there are only 58 locations.

Updated Tuesday evening to show parcel boundaries.

City-owned vacant lots

The marker locations are approximate. Click or touch a marker to see the size of the property in acres and its current zoning:
Source: City of Sacramento

The properties are either owned by the city, its housing authority or the successor agency to its redevelopment agency.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg said the city plans to open the first tent-like structure by September to house 200 people. He said he eventually wants to house 600 people in three of the shelters, which are based on the “Sprung structure” model that has been credited with helping to reduce the homeless population in San Diego.

The name refers to manufacturer Sprung, which makes “tensioned fabric structures” for a variety of uses, from military bases to churches and homeless shelters. More of the structures are under construction in San Francisco.

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