City Beat

Sacramento City Council candidate Cochran, trailing by 77 votes, concedes

Ellen Cochrane apparently thinks 77 votes is an insurmountable gap.

Cochrane, a teacher and one of seven candidates for the City Council race in east Sacramento and South Natomas, posted a concession message on her website over the weekend. She currently stands in third place in a race in which the top two finishers will move on to the November runoff election.

However, Cochrane was only 77 votes out of second place after Friday’s updated count. Contractor and city parks commissioner Jeff Harris leads the race. Cyril Shah, a financial adviser and an American River Flood Control District trustee, stands in second, just 1.3 percentage points ahead of Cochrane.

Elections officials said Friday they still have nearly 60,000 votes in Sacramento County left to tally – and hundreds of those are likely in the east Sacramento race. The next update is scheduled for Wednesday.

On her website, Cochrane wrote “the trend (in recent results) indicates that Cyril and Jeff will be the top two finishers.”

“True congratulations to them,” she wrote. “It was a great race. To my supporters and campaign team, I say with a full heart, thank you. We entered late, too late to secure endorsements, but we fought hard all the way. I know our message resonated.”

Cochrane added she is “very undecided” about whom she will support in the runoff.