City Beat

Strong mayor campaign announces support from former Sacramento City Manager Kerridge

The campaign behind a measure on the November ballot to give Sacramento’s mayor more power announced Wednesday morning that it had won the backing of a former Sacramento city manager and the top appointed executives in Fresno and San Francisco.

Former Sacramento City Manager Ray Kerridge, now the top executive in the city of Roseville, said in a statement, “Now is the time for the mayor to have the resources needed to take (Sacramento) to the next level.” Kerridge was city manager in Sacramento from 2006 to 2010.

Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd also announced his support for Measure L. Rudd has worked in Fresno for 38 years and was there when the city adopted a strong mayor government in the 1990s. He said the transformation “has made a world of difference in ensuring that we deliver city services efficiently and effectively.”

“Fresno has a smarter, more accountable city government since we changed to the strong mayor system,” Rudd said in a statement.

Sacramento Tomorrow, the campaign behind Measure L, said that San Francisco Chief Administrative Officer Naomi Kelly also endorsed the measure.

Measure L would allow the mayor to appoint and fire the city manager, essentially transferring the responsibilities currently held by a city manager to the mayor’s office. Supporters argue it would create a more accountable government by placing the daily duties under an elected official.

Opponents of the measure call it a “power grab” and said the current system of government in Sacramento – where a city manager appointed by the entire City Council makes many decisions at City Hall – is functioning well.