What happens to traffic westbound when eastbound lanes are closed?

Q: When eastbound lanes are closed, will traffic be normal in the westbound lanes, or will eastbound and westbound traffic share the westbound lanes? - Joel Dobris, Davis

A: Good question. Previously, Caltrans had planned to squeeze some eastbound traffic into the westbound lanes, but they decided that would cause a big traffic jam and plenty of confusion. The new plan is to allow one side of the freeway to flow normally, with all lanes open, while construction crews close some lanes on the other side of the freeway. Caltrans will then reverse that process.

Given the new plan, it would seem that traffic should flow nicely on the side of the freeway where all lanes are open. But Caltrans is warning people that there will be plenty of “rubber-neckers” looking at the construction equipment across the freeway and at the traffic jam over there. That likely will cause the free-flowing side of the freeway to at least slow down.

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