Which streets will be a mess? Your guess

Q: Where can I find a map of the streets that will be involved in this mess? -- Sharin Rowert, Sloughhouse

A: Sorry. There is no map of which surface streets might be most affected by the freeway lane closures. We’ve talked with city and county officials who have some guesses, but these are only guesses. No one knows how many commuters will try taking surface streets, or which streets they will try.

Remember: There will always be some lanes open on Highway 50 through downtown during construction, but it will be a bottleneck.

When some of the eastbound lanes are closed (the first month of work), West Sacramento officials fear the freeway back-up could extend to their side of the Sacramento River, and drivers heading to downtown Sacramento will bail onto city streets and wind their way to the Tower Bridge and I Street bridge.

In Sacramento, there are fears that traffic could be heavy on major northbound streets like Riverside, Land Park, Freeport and Franklin boulevards, and on streets parallel to the work zone: Broadway, W and X streets.

When some westbound lanes are closed (the second month of work), commuters from El Dorado, Folsom, and points east may try coming in on Fair Oaks or Folsom boulevards if traffic gets too backed up on Highway 50. That will have a heavy impact on east Sacramento and midtown neighborhood streets.

Others who usually use Highway 50, but live near 80, say in Arden-Arcade, may head north instead to Interstate 80, then drive into downtown that way. City officials say they expect heavier traffic in and out on 12th and 16th streets as more commuters use Highway 160.

Sharin, if you’re heading downtown from Sloughhouse during the westbound closure period, you might find Jackson Road increasingly congested as you near town. Folsom Boulevard will be worse. Sharin and others in that area could instead head north on Sunrise Boulevard or Bradshaw Road, park at the Regional Transit parking lot, and take light rail in.

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