Should I try Fair Oaks Boulevard during Fix 50?

Q: I will be commuting to my office on 21st Street from my home near Watt and Fair Oaks Boulevard. Is it best to take Fair Oaks to J Street to midtown? I generally leave at 10 a.m. Thanks! - Alberta Nassi, Sacramento

A: When the westbound freeway closures start on May 27, yes, you can try Fair Oaks to J Street in the morning heading to work. Plenty of others will too though. Since you don’t leave for work until 10 a.m., you may be in a great position to monitor the morning traffic reports and see where the backups are. Perhaps, things will be smooth up on the freeway by the time you head out. You may be able to slip through on Highway 50’s two open lanes without too much delay!

During the first month of the closures, starting Tuesday, April 22, you probably can safely take your regular route to work, because only eastbound freeway lanes will be closed then.

The real question during those first weeks is: What is your best route home? If you typically use the freeway to get home, you could try winding through city streets to an on-ramp east of the closure site (the freeway closures are from about 18th to 24th streets). Or how about plotting a route through surface streets to get you to the Stockton Boulevard onramp eastbound?

There is the X Street onramp at 27th Street to eastbound Highway 50. But X Street may be jammed. You might try heading east on surface streets to get to Folsom or J or H streets and head east on those. Any way you choose, just expect to go slow.

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