Will there be gridlock back to Interstate 5?

Q: An elderly relative will be driving from Vallejo to the Davis area to Elk Grove on April 23. If she comes in on I-80 to I-5 south, will there be a gridlock that far back and should extra time be allotted? Highway 12 from Fairfield to Highway 99 is not an option for her. -- Pam Donnelly, Elk Grove

A: If she arrives anywhere near the morning commute, she should expect the worst, an extended backup on the freeway into West Sacramento. You should pay attention to what is happening the day before she comes in. April 22 is the first day of the eastbound closure. That could give you a clue to what it will be like the following day, and how much extra time to allot. Check maps and info on, and other sources, such as television news.

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