The handy 27th Street ramp remains open

Q: Is the onramp to eastbound Highway 50 past the 16th street onramp going to be closed? - Selina Sosa, Sacramento

A: You are talking about the handy little ramp that angles off of X Street just east of 27th Street, just beyond the construction zone. No, it is not closed, and won’t be throughout the Fix50 project. It turns out to be an easy way to get onto the freeway headed eastbound (toward Folsom) for a lot of people who normally use the 11th and 16th streets onramps. Both of those are closed for the next week or two. I’ve seen some block-long back-ups headed to this ramp during peak periods before, but I checked it out this morning (Friday, May 2) early in the commute and it wasn’t very crowded.

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