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Larry Kudlow chewed out by Trump for admitting tariffs hurt American consumers

Larry Kudlow is finding out the hard way that pleasing the Donald and telling the truth is a tough balancing act.

The White House economics czar reportedly got chewed out by President Trump for admitting that American consumers will pay the price for the White House's tariff-happy trade war.

"Trump called Larry, and they had it out," a White House official told the Washington Post. Two other sources improbably insisted the exchange was cordial.

Trump hired Kudlow, a former CNBC talking head, to be the public face of his economic policy.

So the mercurial commander-in-chief was not best pleased to hear that Kudlow contradicted Trump's debunked claim that China pays the new tariffs slapped on everything from iPhones to washing machines.

Kudlow truthfully conceded the obvious fact that "both sides" suffer in a tariff tit-for-tat trade war.

So far, Kudlow has been fairly successful at winning positive headlines for Trump and avoiding any obvious blunders. Of course, it doesn't hurt that unemployment is at record lows and the stock market is hitting new highs.

But Trump has quickly soured on aides whom he perceives as being less than 100 percent loyal to his line. So it might be time for Larry to start polishing up his resume.