A teacher was ‘tired of’ a second-grader. So she punched him in the face, police say.

The outside of Landis Elementary School, where Lisa Allison is accused of punching a second-grader in the face.
The outside of Landis Elementary School, where Lisa Allison is accused of punching a second-grader in the face. KHOU

Pretty much everyone has gotten frustrated with a child before.

But one Houston elementary school teacher’s blow-up went far beyond just frustration, as police say she punched and sat on a misbehaving student, leading to her arrest on charges of injury to a child, according to court documents.

Lisa Allison, 48, was teaching at Landis Elementary School in suburban Houston on Oct. 14 when a student began to make noises and disrupt class, she told a police officer. She said she asked the student to leave the classroom, but when he went into the hallway he began began kicking lockers, making more noise.

Police say surveillance footage shows the student sitting in the hallway before Allison came out of the classroom, spoke to him and tried to grab him to lead him down the hallway toward the school’s front office. When the student struggled to release himself, a court report states, Allison hit the student “with a closed fist to the right side of the face.” She then forced him to the floor and sat on his back to keep him down. Administrators then emerged in the hallway and seemed to tell Allison to get off the student. As she got up, the report notes that “she has her knee on the complainant’s back.”

The student is in second grade, according to the court report, and told police that after he was asked to leave the classroom, he collected his bookbag and sat in the hallway. Allison then came out of the classroom and told him, “I’m tired of you,” the student said. She then proceeded to hit him on the right side of his face and sit on him, “causing him pain,” he said.

Allison has been placed on leave and “will not return,” per a statement from Alief Independent School District made to KTRK.

“I mean, if you’re a teacher, you go to school for this,” Landis parent Diana Rodriguez said of Allison to KHOU. “To be able to know you have to have patience.”

Charges were filed Tuesday, and Allison faces a third-degree felony charge for knowingly and intentionally causing bodily injury to a child. If convicted, she could face 2 to 10 years in jail or up to a $10,000 fine.