Why Mexico had to pull back its offer to help Texas with Hurricane Harvey relief

Mexico last week offered to send assistance to Texas for Hurricane Harvey victims, a proposal Gov. Greg Abbott said he would accept.

On Monday, that offer was rescinded – but not without good reason.

The Houston Chronicle reports Mexican leaders withdrew the offer because the country has its own disasters to battle, including an 8.1 earthquake Thursday that killed nearly 100 people, then the emergence of Hurricane Katia on Saturday.

“This decision is due to the fact that conditions in both countries have changed and that Texas’ need for assistance has fortunately diminished,” according to a release from Mexican officials.

Despite the loss of assistance, Texas leaders appreciated the sentiment.

“We are grateful for Mexico’s offer of assistance in the aftermath of Harvey, and fully understand and support the decision to redirect their resources back home in the wake of this deadly earthquake,” John Wittman, Abbott’s spokesman, told the Chronicle.