He clowned around with his sister’s engagement pics — and waited for her to see ‘It’

Jesse McLaren snuck a killer clown in his sister’s engagement pictures.
Jesse McLaren snuck a killer clown in his sister’s engagement pictures. Jesse McLaren, Twitter

When Jesse McLaren agreed to take engagement pictures for his sister and her fiancé, he knew it was a perfect opportunity to play a little prank.

So the Buzzfeed staffer, presumably filled with some Halloween spirit, photoshopped Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the ‘It’ movie in the background of four photographs.

“My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo,” he wrote in a tweet with the pictures. “Countdown until she notices.”

In each photograph, the killer clown is subtly placed in the background, easy to miss at first glance.

He’s hidden in the shadows in one of the images — likely pulled from the iconic scene when Pennywise lures a young boy named Georgie into the sewer — as McLaren’s sister and her fiancé stand on a wooden walkway in the forest.

Pennywise, both the 2017 and 1990 version, can also been seen peering from behind a bush as the two lovers kiss.

After tweeting out the images, people immediately responded — and couldn’t get enough.

Others were inspired, photoshopping other jarring movie moments into otherwise adorable scenes.

Some, however, couldn’t help but poke a little fun at what McLaren’s fiance was wearing.

A few were worried, however, if McLaren’s sister wasn’t happy with her brother clowning around.

But there was no need to worry, as McLaren said his sister “noticed the clown immediately and responded!!!”

“On one hand, I really hope that you get the help that you need,” she wrote to McLaren in a text he saved. “On the other… I totally want to use these”


She found him

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The masses, as expected from the thousands of retweets the images garnered, were waiting for the update.

Pennywise has become somewhat of a viral meme following the 2017 adaption of Stephen King’s 1990 movie “It.” The film follows a group of kids in Derry, Maine, as they attempt figure out why so many children from the town go missing, only to learn that a supernatural, evil clown is to blame.