A mom’s package was stolen, so she duped a thief with a decoy full of dirty diapers, she says

Don't let 'porch pirates' ruin your holiday season

With more of us shopping online, 'porch piracy' is on the rise. Here are five tips for preventing thieves from stealing your packages.
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With more of us shopping online, 'porch piracy' is on the rise. Here are five tips for preventing thieves from stealing your packages.

When a package was stolen from her front porch, Angie Boliek was angry.

The Oregon mother told ABC6 that the package contained pajamas for her 4-month-old son, as it’s part of her family’s tradition to dress the children up in festive sleepwear for a picture.

On Thursday, she told ABC6, “I got an email from the store saying it was delivered and I did not receive it.”

That’s when she realized the package had been stolen, she wrote on Facebook.

But the second time someone took a package from her residence, Boliek said she felt “a little bit of a relief.”

That’s because the resourceful mother set up a decoy package, packed with the dirty diapers of her infant son.

“I was looking around the house thinking, ‘What is something I could put in a package that would just be horrendous’,” she told Inside Edition.

It didn’t take long for the alleged package bandit to steal that crappy package, too, she said.

“I put it out on Sunday morning and it was gone by Monday afternoon,” Boliek told the Houston Chronicle. “The police thought it was hilarious and awesome.”

Boliek said she stuffed the package, which she marked with an Amazon shipping sleeve, with over 10 soiled diapers — even putting a note inside that said “enjoy this you thief!”

Then she placed the package outside in a place where it could be seen by passersby on the street, according to Inside Edition.

Police found her plan for revenge hilarious when she called them about the theft, Boliek said.

“The police officer was dying laughing when I told her about it,” she told Inside Edition, remembering that the officer said, “Well, this is going to go around the briefing room.”

Her Facebook post about the decoy package reached thousands, as it garnered just under 4,000 reactions and a bevy of comments.

“Good, I dislike thieves,” wrote Debbian Clarke.

“Surprise!!!! Hopefully they were nice and ripe for them and their car now stinks!!!!,” added Rene Trowbridge.

Some commenters gave suggestions on how to make the fake package even more disgusting.

“Or you can rig the box to open from the bottom,” Alexis Polynice wrote. “Fill box with glitter and dog poop.”

But Boliek, who is installing security cameras in front of her house, said she already fooled the thief in a sufficiently disgusting fashion.

“(My son has) been sick the last week, so we'll just leave it at that,” Boliek told ABC6. “It's pretty gross.”