Deputy fired for ordering woman on ride-along to show her breasts, Florida cops say

Jarrett Broughton
Jarrett Broughton Leon County Sheriff’s Department

A woman about to go on a ride-along Thursday with an on-duty Leon County sheriff’s deputy in Florida had just one request: Not to be sent out with the same deputy she’d been assigned on a September trip.

When the officer arranging the ride-along asked why, she revealed Jarrett Broughton had driven her to a remote forest and ordered her to lift her top, exposing her breasts, while he rested his police baton on his shoulder, reported The Tallahassee Democrat. Broughton, a deputy in the department since January 2016, was fired Friday and arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for threatening the woman.

“The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has a zero tolerance for its employees violating the public’s trust,” Sheriff Walt McNeil said in a statement. “Once we became aware of the situation, we took immediate action to investigate the allegation. We take our obligation to protect citizens seriously and any abuse of power will be met with swift consequences.”

The woman told investigators that she had not reported the incident earlier because she feared it would hinder her chances of a law enforcement career, according to an incident report released by the Leon County Sheriff’s Department.

The Sept. 20 ride-along with Broughton began with a trip to a tow yard to recover some firearms and a dinner break with another deputy, but then Broughton suggested they play “truth or dare,” according to the incident report. She asked if he had ever used his badge to intimidate someone, and Broughton said no.

Then he dared her to pull up her shirt to show him her breasts, the report says. The woman declined, but Broughton repeated the request several more times that night. He also asked her to describe her sexual encounters, but she avoided the questions.

Sometime after 10 p.m., the deputy drove into the Apalachicola National Forest and parked on a dirt road, taking his police baton from the car while telling the woman to come with him to check for anyone “fooling around” down a trail, according to the report. While they walked in the forest, Broughton repeatedly asked her to show him her breasts, but she refused until he leaned over while resting his police baton on his shoulder and asked her again with a smirk, frightening her.

“I asked her why she was scared and she stated it was because he could have hit her with the baton and knocked her out and left her in the woods,” wrote the investigator in the report. “(She) complied with his demand and lifted both her shirt and bra up exposing her bare breasts to the deputy. The deputy shined his flashlight on her bare breast for a second or two and then turned his flashlight off.”

Broughton asked if he could touch her breasts, but the woman refused, the report says. He complimented her breasts and offered to show her “his,” which she understood to mean his penis, but she declined. Broughton told her not to tell anyone what had happened. When they stopped afterward at the sheriff’s office for coffee, the woman made an excuse and canceled the rest of the ride-along to go home.

Broughton asked for her phone number and social media contact information, but she declined, according to the report.

The woman told investigators she had told her father about the incident when she returned home and he urged her to report it, but she just wanted to forget about it. According to the report, investigators checked call logs and GPS data from Broughton’s patrol vehicle that night to confirm the woman’s story.

When investigators asked Broughton about the Sept. 20 ride-along, he demanded an attorney, who advised him not to answer more questions, according to the report.