Facebook photo leads police to body in pond. Next time, call 911, Utah cops say

A photo on Facebook led police to a body floating in a Utah pond on Wednesday, but only because the person who posted it couldn’t tell whether it was a person or a mannequin.

People who saw the photo on a Facebook community group page were alarmed and called police, who found Tracy Rex Kunzler, 51, dead in the pond, Ogden police reported on Twitter.

Lt. Danielle Croyle confirmed to The Salt Lake City Tribune that the person who originally spotted Kunzler’s body posted the photo to Facebook without notifying police.

“Look, if you see something suspicious, or you see something of concern, you need to call (police) right away,” Croyle said. Other people posting to the Facebook group took issue with the person who posted the photo, which was later deleted, for not informing police, the publication reported.

Following a preliminary investigation, police do not believe Kunzler’s death to be suspicious, but his cause of death remains pending, Ogden police said on Twitter.

In July, a group of Florida teenagers recorded a man drowning in a Cocoa, Fla., pond on a cellphone video without notifying police. The teens, who laughed and shouted taunts as the man tried to stay afloat, did not face criminal charges.