Her campaign ad was ‘sick’ and ‘tasteless,’ critics say. She was breastfeeding

When her hungry 4-month-old daughter interrupted filming for a campaign ad, Kelda Roys didn’t skip a beat.

The Wisconsin gubernatorial hopeful started breastfeeding the infant while continuing to outline her efforts in the state Assembly to ban a toxic chemical used in baby bottles and sippy cups, reported The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“When the clip came back and it had the nursing in it, I said, ‘You know, let’s keep it in there. Why not?’ ” Roys told WITI. “People are ready for candidates they can relate to.”

The finished commercial went up on YouTube and her Facebook campaign page March 6 to a strong response.

“I feel so much love for you and your campaign,” wrote one commenter on Facebook, while another called it “possibly the best campaign ever in the history of campaign ads!” Other Facebook commenters called the ad “amazing” and “the first real moment I’ve seen in politics.”

“I cried when I saw you nurse your baby. You are a brave, strong woman,” one woman wrote.

Other comments, however, were more critical of Roys and the ad.

“If you rather spend more time breastfeeding your baby than focusing on political issues, then please, DON’T RUN,” one critic wrote.

“Nice exploitation of your baby. Kind of sad that you feel the need to pander for votes,” wrote another. Others called it “hideous” and “sick,” while one response called Roys “typical low brow narcissistic liberal trash.”

“Your ad USING your child. TASTELESS. No way in hell would I even consider voting for someone who exploits their child for political gain. So sad that you’re taking politics to a new all time LOW,” another commenter said.

Roys told WITI that she was unfazed by the vitriol over her ad.

“You know what’s funny? As a woman who has been in public life – I was the head of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin and I was in the Assembly – I’m used to that kind of really disgusting, sexist language,” said Roys.

A March 5 Marquette University Law School Poll showed 92 percent of voters didn’t know much about Roys, who is one of nine candidates seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Wisconsin. Roys scored the worst of the candidates when Democrats were asked for whom they’d vote in the primary, coming in with zero percent support.

The Democratic primary is in August. The winner will go on to face Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, in the November election.