Dad handed meth pipe to 6-year-old when cops pulled him over, Washington police say

Photo illustration by The Wichita Eagle

A Washington police officer who pulled over a silver Mercedes found something unexpected inside – a 6-year-old boy holding a meth pipe and a knife.

Asked where he got the items, the boy said his father had given them to him before stopping the car on Interstate 5, reported The Columbian. Courtney P. Prosser, 33, of Renton, Wash., faces charges of first-degree robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of methamphetamine, police say.

A man at the Gee Creek Rest Area on I-5 reported shortly before noon March 18 that an assailant brandishing a knife and pistol stole his phone and threatened to steal his vehicle before driving off in a silver Mercedes, La Center, Wash., police told KVAL. The victim gave chase, joined by police, who conducted a high-risk traffic stop, according to the station.

Prosser got out of the car, which contained a 12-year-old along with the 6-year-old, who was holding a glass stem pipe containing methamphetamine residue, police told KVAL.

“(The boy) said that his father handed him the items,” a police affidavit reads, reported The Columbian. Officers also discovered the silver Mercedes had been stolen from Auburn, Wash., though Prosser claimed to have purchased it a few days earlier, and discovered the stolen phone inside.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Department advised crime victims against pursuing their attackers.

“We recommend being a better witness by getting the vehicle’s license plate number, a vehicle description, a description of the person and their clothing, tattoos and anything unusual, and a description of the weapon,” Sgt. Brent Waddell told The Columbian. “The biggest thing is safety – getting to a safe place as soon as possible and not putting yourself further in harm’s way.”

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