He threw a burrito at his sister, police say. Some question why it landed him in jail

Gage L. Fisher
Gage L. Fisher Casper Police Department

Gage L. Fisher, 20, was angry. He thought his 14-year-old sister had dumped out his cup of water Saturday evening and filled it with juice for herself, police say.

When his mother told him to leave the house to cool down, Fisher hurled a freshly microwaved burrito at his sister, according to a report from the Casper (Wyoming) Police Department. The 14-year-old then called the police, the report states.

An officer responding to the call said photos of the girl’s arm immediately after the incident showed a red mark “consistent with something hot, like a burrito, striking her,” though her arm was no longer red by the time the officer arrived.

The girl told police she wanted Fisher “to go,” which the officer interpreted to mean “to go to jail” since he had already left the home after the incident, the report says. Officers arranged to meet Fisher at a Subway sandwich shop, where he blamed the incident on ongoing tension with his sister rather than the specific dispute over the cup of water.

Police arrested Fisher on suspicion of assault. They took him to jail because he had seven citations for failing to appear in court in earlier cases and officers “were not positive” he would show up in court for this incident, the report says.

Some people commenting on Facebook on a radio station story about the case questioned the decision to arrest Fisher, however.

“With everything going on in this town and people getting slapped on the wrist or let free, they waste their time on a burrito chucker … nice,” wrote one commenter.

Others deplored the fact that police became involved at all.

“Wow this country is is becoming a bunch of fricken snowflakes, in my day that was called a fight between siblings and one or both would have been taken to the stool and bent over for a spanking,” reads one comment. “My sister has literally left marks from her nails … Smothered me with a pillow … And literally beat me up in the bathroom stall at the mall …And not once did we try to send her to jail LOL,” reads another.

“I raised 4 sons, and if this was the smallest fight I had to deal with I’d laugh,” wrote one woman.

Sgt. Joey Wilhelm of the Casper Police Department said in a phone interview that the incident was “pretty much the definition” of assault, which in Wyoming involves touching a person in a rude, insolent and angry manner causing pain.

“He threw a hot burrito at her, causing a burn,” Wilhelm said.

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