Horse plowed through a crowd and trampled a boy. The rider was drunk, Calif. police say

Police say a horse trampled and injured a boy, 8, at the Colusa County Fair.
Police say a horse trampled and injured a boy, 8, at the Colusa County Fair. FOX 40

A horse charged into a crowd of parade-goers and trampled a young boy last week in Northern California. But the animal wasn't the problem, authorities said Thursday.

Video of the incident obtained by FOX 40 shows the horse buck a rider off its back last Friday at the Colusa County Fair in Colusa, California . Screams can be heard as the horse then gallops into a crowd of what appears to be adults and children. That’s when it trampled the 8-year-old boy, the news station reported.

The boy suffered injuries to his legs, Colusa police said. Emergency crews treated him and police say he’s recovering from his wounds. He wasn’t identified.

The rider lost control during the main attraction of the fair, an event in which dozens of horses dance in the street while mariachi music plays, according to Action News Now.

After the horse took off, officers later found it in the area, authorities said. They determined that the rider, Armando Martinez Ruiz, was "intoxicated" when the incident occurred, police said. He was arrested and charged with felony DUI.

Police say the same rules that apply to driving cars also apply to riding horses.

Though it's unclear what the rider may have done to spook the horse, Fausto Ruelas, an organizer of the dancing horses event, told FOX 40 that riders have to be alert and “react to the horse’s movement.” Being too aggressive with the horse can cause it to behave erratically, Ruelas told the news station.

"You want to have a nice ride, you cannot be drunk on a horse, ever,” he said.

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