Hunter’s Facebook post boasted of ‘monster’ buck. Then Michigan cops showed up

A hunter heads out into the woods to hunt for deer with a bow and arrow in Isonville, Kentucky, in 2017.
A hunter heads out into the woods to hunt for deer with a bow and arrow in Isonville, Kentucky, in 2017. AP

A Michigan hunter is in trouble for shooting a “monster” buck without a hunting license — and he posted evidence that incriminated himself on Facebook, conservation officers said.

Last month, a tip to Michigan’s poaching hotline reported that a Lapeer County hunter shot a gigantic 13-point buck and posted about it on Facebook, according to a state Department of Natural Resources law enforcement field report.

The problem? The time stamp on the social media post showed the buck had been taken a day before the hunter got around to buying a hunting license, conservation officers said.

That’s when conservation officers headed to the hunter’s home to speak with him. The hunter “was proud” to show the two officers his 13-point prize, which was hanging in his barn on a pulley system, according to the report.

It was tagged and notched — but the dates didn’t line up with the hunter’s Facebook post, so the conservation officers confronted him. The hunter admitted he’d purchased the license after illegally shooting the animal, telling the officers “that it was a buck of a life time and he couldn’t help himself and knew he had done wrong,” the report said.

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The hunter told officers he “tried to do the right thing by purchasing the license after the fact,” according to the report.

That wasn’t enough to satisfy the conservation officers.

“Enforcement action was taken,” the report said, without saying what that action was.

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources fielded 35,647 calls reporting poaching last year, and those calls resulted in 7,762 complaints.

Anyone suspecting a poaching violation can report it by phone, text or online.

“You may qualify for a reward if you supply information that leads to the arrest and conviction,” conservation officers said on the state’s poaching hotline website.

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