Golf legend ‘Shark’ catches a shark — and then the shark that was eating it, video shows

Golf legend Greg Norman, nicknamed "The Shark," caught a massive hammerhead shark on a recent fishing expedition.
Golf legend Greg Norman, nicknamed "The Shark," caught a massive hammerhead shark on a recent fishing expedition. YouTube Screen Grab

A shark met its match, which turned out to be another, larger shark.

Then that shark was outdone by “The Shark,” golf legend Greg Norman.

Participating in a fishing expedition, Norman caught a blacktip shark that was eaten by a massive hammerhead shark, video shows.

Unfazed, Norman and the crew he was with proceeded to catch the much bigger shark after its meal, the video shows.

Norman, 64, who has won more than 90 golf tournaments in his career, was fishing with a crew in search of a blacktip shark as they were being filmed for the online show BlacktipH, Fox News reported.

When they were reeling in an 80-pound blacktip on the video, it seemed like their mission was accomplished. But it was just getting interesting.

A huge hammerhead was stalking the blacktip and took advantage of its predicament — taking a bite of it on the first pass before it returned and swallowed the smaller shark whole on the March 12 expedition off Palm Beach, Florida, according to The Washington Post.

“We hooked a blacktip and all of a sudden this giant hammerhead came flying in on the blacktip,” Norman said in the video. “It was the most incredible scene I’ve ever witnessed.”

The video showed the original hook was still attached to the smaller shark, which now resided in the hammerhead. Norman used that line to reel in the much larger shark — eventually.

According to the show’s host, Josh Jorgensen, Norman fought the hammerhead for close to an hour before they reeled it in next to the boat, a description of the video said. Before they pulled in the shark, it took them for a ride, as Norman said on the video that the shark fought so hard and was so powerful it was pulling the boat.

When they had the hammerhead reeled in, Jorgensen estimated it was 14 feet, 7 inches long and weighed more than 1,200 pounds, Fox News reported.

That would make it the largest hammerhead shark ever caught, according to The Washington Post, which said the world record was set when a 991-pound hammerhead was caught in Sarasota, Florida.

“I’ve seen some big fish,” Norman said in the video. “I’ve dived with great whites, I’ve fought black marlin well over a thousand pounds. When you see that fish for the first time up against my 41-foot boat, you go, holy moly, this thing is huge. It’s bigger than I ever anticipated.”

As if catching the massive fish was not enough, Norman and Jorgensen jumped in the water with the shark before they released it, according to the video’s description.

“You wanted to feel connected to this fish,” Norman said in the video. “We wanted to make sure this fish felt like, ‘OK, these guys are really trying to revive and get me going.’ ”

Because they released the shark, it is not eligible for the world record, reported.

Fishermen in Avon, North Carolina, reeled in a hammerhead shark on August 16. Footage posted to Facebook by Alisa Lapp shows the shark being pulled onto the beach as a crowd looks on.

Outcast Sport Fishing of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, hooked seven great white sharks in one day on Jan. 18, 2019. The crew managed to tag four of them — including what could be the "largest male (great) white shark tagged in the Atlantic."

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