Neighbor heard a ‘boom’ — and then another. 20 homes were damaged, Indiana FD says

Moments before a home explosion wrecked an Indiana neighborhood, a man who lives across the street heard a “boom,” the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

“I thought something had hit the house,” William Short said, according to the newspaper.

At first, he thought it might have been a tornado — and then he saw “what looked like bright, sparkly fireworks,” the Courier Journal reported.

That’s when he heard a second “boom” — and that one “exploded his windows, blew off his front door and cracked his ceilings,” the newspaper reported.

His home was one of anywhere from 12 to 20 homes that “sustained some sort of damage” during the Jeffersonville explosion just before 5 a..m. Sunday, Fire Chief Eric Hedrick said, according to WAVE3.

“I would say five to six of those have sustained considerable damage and may not be able to be occupied,” Hedrick said, according to the TV station. “We’re in the process now of doing our secondary research. That’s where we go back and look at all the affected residents to make sure that no one is in there — a more thorough search to make sure no one is in there.”

The home where the explosion originated has “catastrophic damage,” JFD Sgt. Justin Ames said, according to RTV6.

At least one person is dead and two people are injured as a result of the explosion, WAVE3 reported.

“The conditions of those injured have not been released,” RTV6 reported.

Ames said the blast was felt at least five miles away, according to the Courier Journal.

A photo posted to Facebook by the fire department shows debris and damage covering the ground as firefighters stand near a home that is destroyed, but still standing.

It is not yet known what caused the explosion, RTV6 reported, but it is under investigation.