Driver spots toddlers wandering from day care before they reach highway, Ohio cops say

A frightened driver may have saved the lives of three toddlers on Wednesday after she found them wandering in Ohio.

Susan Goodwin said she was driving on Harrison Avenue in Colerain Township when she noticed the children, she told WLWT.

“There’s no sidewalks, and they were very close to the road,” Goodwin said. “The little boy started pointing across the road, which is a heavily wooded area. That’s where they wanted to go.”

Police say the children, all under the age of 3, wandered away from a playarea at Smart Start Childcare, according to WCPO. The caller who alerted 911 told the operator “the kids were out here 15 minutes by themselves,” WCPO said.

Onlookers stopped after noticing the children. ER Nurse Amanda Lawhorn, who has four children of her own, told WKRC she stepped in to attend to the children to keep them from getting in the street.

“I grabbed on to their wrists so they didn’t dart out into the street. ... If that had been a worse kind of person who stopped on the side of the road,” the driver could have thrown “them in their car and took off with them,” Lawhorn told WKRC.

Smart Start Childcare released a statement apologizing for the mishap and said it was cooperating with officials and parents to ensure this situation never happens again, per WCPO.

An investigation is underway by the Hamilton County Job and Family Services to determine if the incident “rises to neglect or abuse,” WCPO said.

Tyler Carter, a Real-Time reporter based out of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is an avid lover of media, fitness, sports and telling impactful stories. Previously, he served as a trending/breaking news/crime reporter for and The Mississippi Press.