Hungry shark encounter with seal ends in sprays of blood off Cape Cod, photos show

A photographer captured dramatic, bloody photos of a shark devouring a seal.

Nick Haveran posted the photos on Twitter and says he took them on Saturday afternoon at the north end of Nauset Beach on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

The photos show the water around the attack turning red and bloody water spraying in the air as the shark devours the unlucky seal.

Nick Haveran
Nick Haveran

The shark captured in the photos is a white shark, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said on Twitter, but the group doesn’t know how big it is because there is nothing to use for scale.

Haveran said on Twitter that he estimates the shark was less than 50 yards off shore.

Nick Haveran

A shark feeding this close to shore isn’t uncommon, as sharks typically hunt for seals in shallow water, according to the National Park Service.

White sharks have been a protected species in most federal waters since 1997 and in Massachusetts waters since 2005, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

But there has been evidence of “population recovery” in the last decade, the conservancy says, and there have been more white sharks off Cape Cod.

This is because there has been an increase in seals, which make a tasty meal for a shark.

Nick Haveran

And a lot of sharks are hanging out around Cape Cod this time of year, the conservancy said.

“This is another reminder that October is a peak month for white shark activity off Cape Cod,” the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said on Twitter.

Although white sharks rarely bite people off Cape Cod, it can happen, the conservancy says, and one in September of last year was fatal.

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