AirAsia pilot tells passengers to pray after plane starts shaking violently

There’s standard turbulence, and then there’s what AirAsia passengers experienced during a flight on Sunday morning.

An AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Austrailia, had to turn back after the A330 plane began shaking. The plane shook for nearly two hours while the plane flew back to Perth, according to CNN.

Instagram user @maesaya posted a video of what the inside of the plane looked like after a reported “engine seizure,” according to ABC Online in Australia.

“I thought I might die,” the caption read.

About one hour into the flight, passengers heard a loud bang, which is when the plane started shaking, according to CNN.

Passenger Damien Stevens told CNN that the pilot asked passengers to pray twice and that passengers were told to hold the “brace position” for two minutes during the landing. The pilot shook hands with all of the passengers after the flight was over.

Passenger Brenton Atkinson told ABC Online that the plane’s crew remained professional throughout the whole situation.

“No-one was freaking out too much. It was a bit nervy. (The crew) handled it really well,” he told ABC Online.

A spokeswoman for the airline would not confirm if the plane’s engine was affected. Passengers were transferred to later flights, according to ABC Online.