Hug an alien! It’s World UFO Day.

The truth may be out there, as “The X-Files” promises, but right here on Earth it’s World UFO Day.

At least, that’s what says, and they’d be the ones to know. UFO researchers began the unofficial holiday in 2001 to raise awareness of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors, according to the site.

For awhile, World UFO Day actually spanned two days, June 24 and July 2, The World UFO Day Organization later designated July 2 as the one true day to celebrate UFOs. suggests marking the day by watching science fiction movies about aliens, holding sky-watching parties or meditating about, you guessed it, UFOs.

The July 2 date roughly corresponds to a 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, that government officials attribute to a weather balloon crash and UFO aficionados claim to be a UFO crash.