Jesus Christianity jailed in bomb threat against British gay pride march

Jesus Christianity
Jesus Christianity South Wales Police

A man named Jesus Christianity began shouting “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam,” on a train to Cardiff, Wales, filled with people going to an August gay pride event, authorities say. Then the 34-year-old man said something more frightening.

“When the passengers got off he said to one of them ‘I’m going to pride now and I’ve got a bomb in my backpack,’ ” prosecutor Gareth James told a court, according to Metro.

A young woman on the train, heading to the Pride Cymru event, called police, reported Wales Online. An officer later tackled Christianity at the march in Cardiff, where they found a toy gun but no bomb in his backpack.

Defense attorney Ruth Smith said Christianity had no intention of bombing the event and blamed his outbursts – which also included calling gays “disgusting” – on anxiety over his dislike of public transportation, reported Metro.

“These are spontaneous reactions to things that he finds stressful to him,” Smith said. “He says he has no hostility towards people who are gay.”

Christianity, who admitted communicating or falsely giving information with intent and making a threat to damage or destroy property, will spend 17 months in jail, the BBC reported. He repeatedly crossed himself before hearing the sentence, Metro reported.

“It was upsetting to those whom were affected,” said Justice Neil Bidder. He said Christianity’s outbursts were clearly motivated by hostility toward gays and lesbians, according to the network.