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Yes, you can still get an "I voted" sticker if you vote by mail

Going to a local church or school, waiting in line, filling in ovals on a Scantron, putting the ballot in a box, and finally accepting a "I voted" sticker has long been associated with at visit to the polls.

But in 2016, 58 percent of all Sacramento County voters mailed in their ballots instead of visiting a polling place. This year there are sure to be even more as the county joins four others in trying out a new voting system that replaces polling places with voting centers, ballot drop-off sites and by automatically sending voters mail-in ballots.

No sticker will come in the mail in response to a mailed in ballot, but voters who looked forward to proudly sporting their "I voted" stickers, don't need to be glum. The Sacramento County elections office will be giving out the stickers at county Voter Registration and Elections office at 7000 65th Street in Sacramento, Suite A, at voting centers at at drop box sites through the election, said Paige Bedgrew, spokeswoman.

If you can't find a voting center, go to the county Voter Registration and Elections office at 7000 65th Street, Suite A in Sacramento.