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The Buzz: Schwarzenegger back for a Capitol cameo

Schwarzenegger back for a Capitol cameo

With Congress behaving a bit like an unruly classroom lately, it seemed all too appropriate to call in the Kindergarten Cop.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie star and former Republican governor of California, paid a visit Wednesday to the Capitol to promote his After-School All Stars program, aimed at keeping kids out of trouble.

But Schwarzenegger’s visit kept lawmakers out of trouble, at least for a day.

Barely a month after much of the federal government shut down and barely two weeks after the country came perilously close to defaulting on its debt, Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate were on their best behavior.

Speaking to reporters, flanked by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Schwarzenegger praised members of an institution that has received worse ratings from the public than a bad movie.

“You read so much about the partisanship here in the Capitol,” he said, as reporters snapped pictures on their cellphones. “I have only seen the best of this Capitol.”

– Curtis Tate


Amazon.com and other Internet retailers collected $263.4 million in sales tax from California customers under a compromise law that took effect a little more than a year ago, state officials said this week. The Board of Equalization said a total of 45 merchants have begun collecting sales tax since the law, AB 155, took effect Sept. 15, 2012. The $263.4 million represents tax collected through the end of June, or just slightly more than three-quarters of a year.

– Dale Kasler