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The Buzz: From new glasses to dirty ears, Brown schools Natomas kids

From new glasses to dirty ears, governor schools Natomas students

Gov. Jerry Brown has regaled audiences young and old with stories about his childhood. So he didn’t have to reach deep into his repertoire Tuesday when asked to reflect on a moment he shared with an educator.

“I can tell you a lot of teacher stories,” Brown told students at Jefferson Elementary School in Natomas. The governor appeared alongside former federal Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor and former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner to discuss an expansion of Beutner’s program to provide free eye exams and complimentary glasses to children in low-income neighborhoods.

“I think my ears weren’t very clean and the teacher dragged me over to the sink and washed my ears out,” Brown said of his time at St. Brendan’s. “She thought I hadn’t quite gotten ready to go to school.”

He then turned to the students with a query of his own.

“Do your teachers ever do that? Do they ever say: ‘Your shirt isn’t clean?’ Or, ‘Your hair isn’t combed?’ Or maybe, ‘You didn’t wash your face?’

“Good, because if you don’t, the teacher may do it for you,” Brown said.

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California’s economy may be recovering and its official unemployment rate has dropped by a third, but by another federal measure of employment distress, the state is second only to Nevada. The alternative number, known as U-6, includes unemployment and “marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers.” In other words, every worker whose aspirations are being thwarted by economic conditions.

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