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AAA: 5.1 million Californians will travel over Thanksgiving weekend

AAA on Friday projected that about 5.1 million Californians plan to travel 50 miles or more during next week’s four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a modest 0.04 percent decline from a year ago.

The travel forecast found some concerns about personal and general economics, but not to the degree of a few years ago.

“Californians will set aside thoughts of fiscal uncertainty to gather and feast with people who matter most in their lives,” said AAA Northern California spokeswoman Cynthia Harris. “While travel projections are lower than last Thanksgiving in 2012, this year’s travel forecast is still well above the 2008-09 levels when the recession caused a drop in travel of more than 25 percent.”

According to AAA, more than 4.4 million Californians will travel by motor vehicle during the holiday weekend, with families traveling an average of 795 miles over the four days. About 500,000 will travel by air, and nearly 200,000 will travel by other modes of transportation, such as boats or trains.

An average West Coast family of four is projected to spend an average of $681 over the holiday.

Nationally, AAA forecasts that more than 43 million people will travel 50 miles or more during the four-day weekend, down 1.5 percent from 2012.