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The Buzz: Brown’s challengers travel far and wide

Brown’s challengers travel far and wide

While Gov. Jerry Brown enjoys a projected state budget surplus and raises money for his re-election effort, his Republican challengers are looking for stimulation farther afield.

Former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado left Friday for Honduras, where he will participate as an international observer in that country’s presidential election. He will then travel to Guatemala for meetings with elected officials before returning to California on Wednesday, adviser Ron Nehring said.

The candidate is interested in “human trafficking, the drug trade and associated violence, confronting corruption and promoting economic growth and trade,” his campaign said in a release.

Meanwhile, Tim Donnelly is in Scottsdale, Ariz., for a meeting of the Republican Governors Association. The group’s leader is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Donnelly, a tea party favorite, said despite disagreeing with the more moderate Christie on any number of policy issues, “I think he does have some insights that I can learn from.”

Asked what those might be, Donnelly said, “How he won in a state that’s completely dominated by the other party.”

– David Siders


This week’s qualification of a November 2014 referendum on a tribal-casino compact will be the sixth time in a decade that voters will get the final say on a state law. With a referendum, a “yes” vote upholds a law and a “no” vote overturns it. Last fall, voters overwhelmingly sustained new state Senate lines. In November 2004, though, voters narrowly overturned a 2003 law that would have created a single-payer health care system. In February 2008, voters upheld four tribal-casino deals with the state.

– Jim Miller