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The Buzz: Jerry Brown has not declared for re-election, but settles into new office

Brown won’t say he’s running but he has campaign office

Gov. Jerry Brown has not yet said if he will run for re-election, but he told supporters in a recent note to update their records to reflect a change of address: In addition to raising about $14 million, “Brown for Governor” has a new office.

When Brown, first lady Anne Gust Brown and their dog, Sutter, arrived at The Packard Lofts building in Oakland on Wednesday, the governor – who is widely expected to run – described the space as a personal office, less “stuffy” than what he has at the Capitol or a state building.

The office projects a mix of political and state work: On a circular wood table Brown used during his first campaign for governor, in 1974, sits a list of messages left for Brown and a copy of his administration’s proposal to Boeing to persuade the aerospace giant to locate in California. Of the table, he said that in 1974, “Right around this table, I plotted.”

The fourth-floor office is full of memorabilia. On the refrigerator are stickers from his 2010 campaign for governor, and a bin of buttons from the campaign is in a bookcase by the door.

Asked if the 2010 paraphernalia isn’t dated, he said, “We’re not running yet.”

– David Siders


The Census Bureau reported recently that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, nearly a quarter of its 38 million residents, chiefly because living costs (especially housing) are higher. A new report from Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies confirms that, declaring that more than half of the state's renters devoted more than 30 percent of their household income to rent payments in 2011. California's rate, 56 percent, is higher than any other state except Florida. The median rent in California, $1,140 per month, is also among the highest.

– Dan Walters