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The Buzz: California state senator goes to the ‘revenge porn’ well again

Senator updates an issue

with a bill on ‘selfie’ porn

Revenge porn was a surprisingly successful issue for state Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, this year.

His legislation making it illegal to post sexually explicit images of someone online with the intention of humiliating them passed with near-unanimous support in the fall, and it has already prompted a case by the attorney general’s office against a San Diego man who allegedly ran a revenge porn website.

Now Cannella, who likely faces a tough Senate campaign next year in his primarily Democratic district, is dipping back into the well with the “Revenge Porn 2.0 Act.” The bill would include protection for graphic “selfies” and reduce the standard for conviction to posting the prurient content without the victim’s consent.

Why a sequel? Is this California’s new hot topic?

Cannella said he’s merely trying to finish what he started: The “selfie” scenario was in the original bill, but was stripped out during committee when it threatened to kill the legislation.

“Now I think enough people are talking about it, enough other states are talking about it, that there’s a lot more momentum on this issue,” Cannella said.

– Alexei Koseff


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