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The Buzz: New plan carves up California into six states

Draper submits plan to carve up California

Secessionists in California’s rural, northernmost reaches may have found a kindred spirit in the Bay Area.

Tim Draper, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, proposes to split California into six states, according to TechCrunch. He’d let the northern counties have their state of Jefferson, while adding North California, Central California, Silicon Valley, West California and South California.

Draper did not return a telephone call for comment, but submitted the measure to the attorney general’s office late Friday.

The website quoted Draper as saying a divided state would receive improved representation in the U.S. Senate while allowing each new state to “start fresh” with government. That may be particularly appealing to a Republican like Draper living in what is now one large, increasingly Democratic state.

Draper’s proposal comes after supervisors in Siskiyou and Modoc passed declarations supporting withdrawal from California. The movement’s prospects are dim. Even if Draper could get a ballot measure passed, redrawing state lines would require one other Herculean step: an act of Congress.

– David Siders


Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, R-Camarillo, plans to introduce a bill to protect the sensitive information of customers shopping for health insurance on the state exchange. Seeking to close the deal with thousands of applicants, Covered California recently began providing customers’ names and contact information to insurance agents. Gorell said his bill would “require that Covered California keep site visitors’ information private unless the customer explicitly gives consent to be contacted.”

– Christopher Cadelago