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Senate sends franchise bill to Jerry Brown

A heavily lobbied fight between franchise owners and their corporate parents is on its way to the office of Gov. Jerry Brown.

The California Senate approved SB 610 on Thursday, which seeks to expand rights for the people who own franchises, such as McDonalds restaurants. Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, said her bill would help small business owners, while opponents said it would harm the dynamic that has led co many corporations to prosper.

The bill squeaked off the Assembly floor with the bare minimum of needed votes earlier this week and was a close call in the Senate. Jackson took it up only after one of the Senate's most liberal members, Sen. Loni Hancock of Berkeley, returned from a lengthy absence due to a broken ankle that required surgery. The bill passed 23-9 at the very end of session, when some of the Senate's more moderate Democrats cast votes in favor of it after initially holding off.