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The Buzz: Among the trees, Jerry Brown’s mind ‘drawn more to poetry than politics’

Brown describes his mood

as poetical, not political

One day after agreeing to debate Neel Kashkari once before the November election, Gov. Jerry Brown suggested Tuesday that he may not be the most enthusiastic participant – or at least isn’t inclined to talk about it yet.

“I don’t have any comments here,” Brown told reporters as he left the Lake Tahoe Summit. “Sitting among the beautiful trees at the waters of Lake Tahoe, my mind is drawn more to poetry than politics.”

Before Monday, the third-term Democrat had said he was unsure if he would debate at all, but Brown’s campaign said Monday that a Sept. 4 debate in Sacramento will be the only contest Brown participates in. The date happens to coincide with the first nationally televised game of the regular NFL season, which likely will squeeze ratings.

Brown ran for president in 1976 – the first of his three unsuccessful presidential campaigns – after just more than a year in office. He said it has taken him 40 years to learn patience.

“I was in a hurry,” Brown said. “But you know what? I’ve slowed down. I’m trying to slow the clock.” Brown, 76, said he is trying now to enjoy “whatever this decade is that I’m now in.”

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